An empowering group boxing experience

At Flyweight, we designed a group boxing experience meant to be enjoyed by you and your friends. You can come here to drop down a weight class, or a dress size. To whoop it up and egg each other on, or to blow off some steam and punch the bad vibes away. To work your speed, power and timing on the heavy bag, or just to sweat to some awesome music.


Your Body, Your Move

We don’t believe in working ’til exhaustion, or being better than the person beside us, or living up someone else’s standard. We believe that the greatest satisfaction is overcoming a challenge that you set for yourself, and that performing your personal best should be the goal of every workout.

You know your body best, and this is your workout. We’ll set the vibe, prep the gear, pump the jams, and the rest is on you. It’s your body, your move.

Let’s Knock It Out!

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